Impression Remake Kit

Impression Remake Kit by ClearRetain


  1. Impression kit that comes with molding putty and 3 sizes of mouth trays to ensure a match with your mouth and teeth

  2. Easy to follow how-to instructions along with right and wrong examples

If an impression is send to us without first sending pictures (as described in the instructions), and that impression ends up being rejected by our lab (due to distortion or lack of proper depth/detail), ClearRetain offers this remake kit with the materials necessary to retake the impression. To avoid having to purchase a remake kit in the first place, it is strongly recommended to purchase extra putty with your initial order. If it's too late and you do need to purchase the remake kit now, then it is still strongly recommended to purchase extra putty.

The remake kit is not available for first time buyers. For a low cost of $9, the Remake Kit is a convenient and timely way to retake an impression.