Extra Impression Putty (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)

Extra Impression Putty (STRONGLY RECOMMENDED)

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Some of our customers end up needing extra putty because they mess up the first time. It’s just much more affordable and time-effective for you to order more now (with your original order), rather than later! If you don’t use it, return it and we’ll refund your money.

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Some of our customers end up needing extra putty because they mess up the first time -call it a practice run. We’re not trying to make money off of the putty. It’s just much more affordable and time-effective for you to order more now (with your original order), rather than later! If you don’t use it, return it and we’ll refund your money.

One and done -purchase File Your Smile to save you even more time and money on all future orders! 

Need help? Don't hesitate to call us at 801.610.1358

Your order will include:

  • 1 set of putty (1 white and 1 colored - enough for one impression)

If your order is for Extra Putty only, please use the same email address that you provided with your original order at checkout.


Let's make a great impression

ClearRetain's impression putty is a vinyl polysiloxane impression material with a very high viscosity that provides excellent dimensional accuracy and stability. The impression putty consists of two pastes, which when mixed together harden to form a base for taking a dental impression. It is designed for use as the tray material for the reproduction of teeth shaping. 

Our impression putty has a two-year shelf life. The impression putty ingredient list is polydimethylsiloxane polymer, silicon dioxide, polymethyl hydrogen siloxane, and plasticizer pigments.

Look Good on the Outside

Feel Good on the Inside

The average retainer cost in the U.S.A. from a dentist or orthodontist is $300. By going with ClearRetain you'll save time and money by taking a simple impression of your teeth at your convenience. We then create the retainer for you at a fraction of the cost. If you are not happy with your retainer within the first two months, we'll either remake it for free or provide a full refund. In addition, we use the latest techniques in positive pressure vacuum forming to create a perfect-fitting retainer. If your doctor or a competitor is using generic technology to make your retainer, don’t accept them. They simply will not fit as well as they should.

Our retainers are designed to hold your teeth in place and prevent them from shifting. Their purpose is not to close gaps in your teeth or straighten them, as aligners would.  If you have lost or broken your original retainer and your teeth have shifted, it is recommended to return to your orthodontist or dentist for assistance.



Your retainer is made by state-of-the-art computerized equipment. This assures the product will fit perfectly according to the impression you send us. As a result, over 98% of our retainers fit perfectly. However, if for some reason your retainer does NOT fit properly, don’t panic. There are two possibilities.

First, it is common for a new retainer to feel tight when you first receive it. This tightness is caused by slight movement of your teeth that occurs between the time you take your impression and the time you receive your new retainer. Give it a couple of days and your teeth will realign to the shape of the retainer making it fit comfortably.

The second possibility, is that something went wrong while taking the impression. If we don’t have an adequate impression of your teeth, the result is a retainer that will not fit properly. In this case, it may be necessary to take a new impression. This possibility is why we urge getting approval on your self taken impression before sending it back. Once you take a new impression, please send it back with the retainer that didn’t fit, along with the old impression. We’ll then make a new retainer from the new impression and promptly ship it back to you. 

Lastly, don't stress, you're eligible for a free replacement, for any defective product within 60-days of receipt.

Your new retainer will not fit correctly if you still have any additional material* on the tooth surface. If you currently have any of these on your teeth, you will have to have them removed before you take an impression.

*If you have a bonded permanent retainer on your top or bottom teeth, ClearRetain can still fabricate a clear retainer for you.

If your retainer cracks or breaks due to normal usage within the first 60 days (120 days for premium retainers), we will replace it for free using your existing impression or Filed Smile

Keep in mind, your retainer's lifespan can be shortened considerably if you grind or clench your teeth while wearing at night. If your retainer has cracked and you would like a replacement, please consider getting a grind guard retainer. This product will of course still retain your teeth, but is a bit thicker and will take more clenching and grinding.

Contact us and we'll have you send the cracked retainer back with your impression for a replacement*

*Our warranty does not cover products that have been chewed up by pets or products that have been lost

At ClearRetain, we make all of our retainers with the finest orthodontic grade materials. This assures you have the most durable and stain-resistant product.

Retainers can last months or years depending on how hard you bite, if you grind your teeth, and how well you clean and care for your retainer.

ClearRetain offers solutions for those variables, too! Check out our other products here.

Our retainers are custom made to prevent your teeth from shifting. If you have loose fillings, crowns, veneers, bridges, or significant tooth decay... wearing retainers, night guards, or other oral appliances can potentially exacerbate an exsisting issue. If you have any concerns regarding these potential risks, please give us a call at 801-610-1358

The purpose of a retainer is to protect the expensive investment you made to have a beautiful smile. If you lose or break your retainer then you can immediately use your backup retainers to prevent your teeth from shifting at all, for continued protection of your investment.

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