I love Clear Retain! It fits so comfortably that you can barely tell it’s there and it looks a lot better than having wires in your mouth! Didn’t even have to go to the doctor and saved a ton of money!

Brittnie Johnson

Apline, UT

I was a little nervous about taking my own impression, but it turned out to be pretty easy. My retainers fit perfect! The whole process was quick, easy, and affordable. No need to ever go back to my doctor. He charged me way too much. Thanks Clear Retain!

Deborah Jolley

Portland, OR

The retainers are perfection!! What a great company you have. So convenient for people and high quality work. Perfect fit! THANK YOU!

Farris Patton

Los Angeles, CA

I have three children. All three have had orthodontic work and all three have either broken or lost their retainers. I simply cannot afford to continue paying $600 for new retainers. So when my youngest son recently broke his top retainer, I got online to find an alternative. That is when I found ClearRetain. Thank goodness! We got back perfectly fitting retainers for my son, but more importantly we saved a ton of money! Our appreciation to ClearRetain and their staff.

Patti Contreras

St. Petersburg, FL

My experience was a little different. I didn’t take a very good mold of my teeth. So when I received my new retainer I wasn’t too surprised it didn’t quite fit properly. However I contacted ClearRetain and they offered to make a new retainer for free! All I needed to do was order more impression putty. Happy to say the second time around worked perfect. Absolutely no complaints. Would recommend these guys to anyone needed a new retainer.

Jonathan Sawatzki

Long Island, NY

I want to give the biggest thanks and shout of praise for Steve at Clear Retain! I am so happy I spoke with him. He treated me better and gave me more information than my orthodontist ever did. Clear Retain is a great company. I will send every soul I know running to you!

Shawn Austin

Herndon, VA

In these days where businesses care less about customers, I was surprised and shocked to experience a state of the art service that I received from ClearRetain. Having ordered a set of retainers for myself, I was ready to place an order for my son. Unfortunately due to postal error, my son’s retainers were delivered to an incorrect location. When ClearRetain learned that we had not received the retainers, they promptly ordered a second pair for immediate shipment. Within a week I received the second set. It is not just what they did but the way they handled the issue that is what is worthy of recognition. They have me as a customer for life. I would highly highly recommend anyone that is looking into getting retainers to go with this company. I assure you that you will get a service that is unheard of. Thank you ClearRetain for excellent service, great customer care and for reminding me of how customer focus organizations operate. Well done!

Sarah Naqvi

Ashton, MD

I just wanted to say thank you for this great service! I was hesitant at first to do this myself with no previous experience, but I decided to give it a try. I am so pleased with how everything turned out! Thanks so much!

Amy Kohen

Pittsburgh, PA

I was a little nervous about doing my own impressions, so I had sent photos in to have them checked before mailing them back. I received my retainers today and they are great! They are a perfect fit, and seem to be of good quality. I’m so glad I decided to use your company!

Tiffany Dolan

Morgantown, WV

Thank you for doing my retainers. They fit great and are a great quality. I appreciate how easy it was to take the impressions and how quickly they arrived. Thank you for the great customer service.

Nacy Smith

Leesburg, VA