Returns and Refund Policy

Your product is made by state-of-the-art computerized equipment. This assures it will fit perfectly to the impression you send us. As a result over 98% of our retainers, mouth guards, night guards, and whitening trays all fit perfectly.

If for some reason your retainer does NOT fit correctly, don’t panic. There are two possibilities. First, it is common for a new retainer to feel tight in the beginning. This tightness is caused by slight movement of your teeth that occurs between the time you take your impression and the time you receive your new retainer. Just give it a couple of days. Your teeth will realign to the shape of the retainer and will feel more comfortable and snug.

The second possibility is that something went wrong with the impression. If we don’t have a good impression of your teeth, the result is a retainer that will not fit properly. As such it may be necessary to take a new impression. If this is the case, please click here to order a “Remake Kit”. Once you take a new impression, please send it back with the retainer that didn’t fit, along with the old impression. We’ll then make a new retainer from the new impression and ship it back you within the first 30 days.

However if you are still not satisfied and would like a refund, then we are happy to provide one. We refund 100% of your order, minus the $18.00 in shipping costs. We only ask that you return the kit or product you received within the first 30 days of arrival.