Replacement retainers have never been easier and more affordable than now.

Whether you’ve lost a retainer, broken one, or your retainer is simply worn out and poorly fitting, our orthodontic professionals use impressions of your own teeth to produce the highest quality, most effective retainers available, at a fraction of the cost of purchasing retainers through your local orthodontist.

Getting personalized, high quality, perfectly fitting, and effective retainers is easy!

  • Click here to order the replacement retainer that you need
  • After selecting the retainer you need and providing us with some basic information, we will ship you a set of materials and easy to follow instructions for you to take impressions of your teeth
  • Return your impressions in the prepaid shipping box and we’ll quickly produce your replacement retainers and mail them right back to you

You’ll receive personalized and perfectly fitting retainers that are made of the highest quality materials and have a long life. We guarantee a perfect and comfortable fit backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee offering a full refund if you are not completely satisfied with your retainers within the first two weeks after receiving them.

Don’t wait. You deserve the best orthodontic care and the best fitting retainers.