Refundable: Extra Impression Putty ($5.00)


Strongly Recommended!!!

Many of our customers end up needing extra putty. It's much more affordable to order now rather than later! If you don't use it, return it and we'll refund your money.


ClearRetain’s impression putty is a vinyl polysiloxane impression material with a very high viscosity that provides excellent dimensional accuracy and stability. The impression putty consists of two pastes, which when mixed together harden to form a base for making the dental impression. It is designed for use as the tray material for reproduction of teeth. Every order contains two packages of impression putty.

Produced in the United States, the impression putty has a two-year shelf life. An MSDS information sheet is available upon request. The impression putty ingredient list is polydimethylsiloxane polymer, silicon dioxide, polymethylhydrogen siloxane, and plasticizer pigments.