Dual Laminate Night Guard ($105.00)


Comfortable and highly protective, the dual laminate night guard is produced from two separate materials combined into a durable night grinding guard.


Designed for people with moderate to severe night teeth grinding and light clenching, the 1mm soft interior laminate ensures a comfortable fit and the 2mm harder exterior surface laminate delivers long lasting durability. The dual laminate nigh guard is produced by a positive pressure forming machine for the most durable and tightest fit on the market today.

Every dual laminate night guard is customized for each patient, created in ClearRetain’s dental offices by a full-time laboratory technician with over fifteen years of experience. The entire production process is supervised by a highly experienced dentist and orthodontist with over thirty years of practicing dentistry. Every night guard is professionally manufactured using the same processes and materials as a local dentist. ClearRetain’s night guards all come with a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How to get your Dual Laminate Night Guard

After ordering a night guard online from ClearRetain, you will be sent a dental self-impression kit. Included in the kit is a dental impression tray that can take detailed impressions for either the upper or lower teeth. The kit also includes impression putty, instructions and a prepaid postage label for mailing back the self-impression. Simply follow the straightforward instructions on taking the impression, fill out the return card, pack the mailing box, and affix the prepaid label to the box. Your personalized teeth guard will be produced in our dental lab within a few days after receipt and the finished guard will be shipped directly to you. Please contact our expert staff if you experience any issues taking the impression before shipping the impression.

With the initial order customers receive

  • Two-part impression material for taking the self-impression
  • Adjustable impression tray that fits all sizes
  • Return bag for mailing back the self-impression
  • Easy-to-following instruction pamphlet describing how to take the best self-impression
  • Return mailing form
  • Prepaid postage return label (for customers in the United States)

In the final product shipment customers receive the following

  • One (1) custom 3mm dual laminate night guard created from the self-impression kit supplied
  • One (1) sturdy storage case in the color of their choice


  • Free 3-way shipping within the United States
  • Customers outside the United States will pay for the cost of returning the self-impression kit themselves