Clear Sports Mouth Guard ($95.00)


Comfortable and effective, this customized sports mouth guard is a clear, chew-proof athletic mouth guard. Being 3mm thick and with a shore hardness of 95, ClearRetain’s sports guard is more chew resistant than any standard night guard. Designed for light contact sports such as basketball, baseball and soccer, the sports mouth guard is made from an exact impression of the customer’s teeth.

NOTE: Extra Impression Putty Strongly Recommended!!!

Many of our customers end up needing extra putty. It’s much more affordable to order now rather than later! If you don’t use it, return it and we’ll refund your money.



Every sports mouth guard is customized for each patient, created in ClearRetain’s dental offices by a full-time laboratory technician with over fifteen years of experience. The entire production process is supervised by a highly experienced dentist and orthodontist with over thirty years of practicing dentistry. Every sports guard is professionally manufactured using the same processes and materials as a local dentist. ClearRetain’s night guards all come with a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How to get your Sports Mouth Guard

After ordering a sports mouth guard online from ClearRetain, you will be sent a dental self-impression kit. Included in the kit is a dental impression tray that can take detailed impressions for either the upper or lower teeth. The kit also includes impression putty, instructions and a prepaid postage label for mailing back the self-impression. Your personalized sports guard will be produced in our dental lab within a few days after receipt and the finished guard will be shipped directly to you. Please contact our expert staff if you experience any issues taking the impression before shipping the impression.

With the initial order customers receive

  • 2 sets of impression putty
  • 3 impression trays (small, medium, large)
  • 1 shipping box for returning your impressions
  • 1 return shipping label (attached to your return box)
  • 2 pages of self impression instructions
  • 1 page of shipping instructions
  • 1 customer information sheet (the size of a credit card)