Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Perfect Fit Guarantee: What if my new retainer doesn’t fit?

A: Your retainer is made by state-of-the-art computerized equipment. This assures the product will fit perfectly to the impression you send us. As a result over 98% of our retainers fit perfectly.

However, if for some reason your retainer does NOT fit correctly, don’t panic. There are two possibilities. First, it is common for a new retainer to feel tight in the beginning. This tightness is caused by slight movement of your teeth that occurs between the time you take your impression and the time you receive your new retainer. Just give it a couple of days. Your teeth will realign to the shape of the retainer and will feel more comfortable and snug.

The second possibility is that something went wrong with the impression. If we don’t have a good impression of your teeth, the result is a retainer that will not fit properly. As such it may be necessary to take a new impression. If this is the case, please click here to order a “Remake Kit”. Once you take a new impression, please send it back with the retainer that didn’t fit, along with the old impression. We’ll then make a new retainer from the new impression and promptly ship it back to you within the first 30 days.

Q: How do I know if my impression is accurate?​

​A: Click here for illustrations showing examples of good and bad impressions. Most people get it right the first time if they follow our video and written instructions. Additionally, instead of sending just one set of impression trays, we send you one of each: small, medium, and large. The correct size tray assures greater ease and comfort as you create your impression. If you are still unsure about the accuracy of the impression, you can email a picture of your impression and we can help determine if it is suitable.

Q: What if my retainer breaks?

A: We recognize that accidents happen. If you should break or damage your retainer within the first 60 days, we will replace it for half the original price. This offer applies to any product we make. Simply include the damaged product when you send the new impression.

Q: How long will my retainer last?

A: We make all our retainers with the finest Essix Plus material. This assures you have the most durable product. Retainers can last months or years depending on how hard you bite, if you grind your teeth, and how well you clean and care for your retainer. ​​​For information about the maintenance and care of your retainer, click here.

Q: Why do you offer “backup” retainers?

A: The purpose of a retainer is to protect the expensive investment you made to have a beautiful smile with perfectly straightened teeth. If you lose or break your retainer then you can immediately use your backup retainers to prevent your teeth from moving at all and continue to protect your investment.

Q: Why does my retainer not cover my back molars?

A: The quality of your retainer is directly associated with the quality of your impression. Often we receive impressions of teeth that do not fully encompass the molars. As a result the retainer will not cover them. Not to worry though. You typically do not need your retainer to cover your molars as they do not move around like your front teeth. We’re mostly concerned about keeping your front teeth nice and straight. Your back molars will be just fine regardless is they are included in the retainer or not.

Q: Can I use the same impression for another retainer later on?

A: We don’t recommend using the same impression later because your teeth may have moved from when the impression was first taken. If a new retainer is made from an old impression there is a good chance the retainer will not fit.

Q: Does taking an impression pose a risk to dental work?

A: Impressions are routinely used for a variety of dental and orthodontic work. However, there always exists the small possibility that the impression material could remove or affect dental work, such as fillings, bridges, crowns or teeth that are loose.

If you have any additional questions, please call or email us. We’re happy to hear from you.

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